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Very few men are born brave, but any man can make himself brave if he tries-and especially if he begins trying when he is a boy.

The brave man dashes into danger without hesitation, when a less brave man is inclined to hang back. It is very like bathing. A lot of boys will come to a rivet to bathe, and will cower shivering on the bank, wondering how deep the water is, and whether it is very cold -but the brave one will run through them and take his header into the water, and will be swimming about happily a few seconds later.

The thing is, when there is danger before you, don't stop and look at it-the more you look at it the less you will like it-but take the plunge, go boldly in at it, and it won't be half as bad as it looked, when you are once in it.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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