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Fire Places

Usually a Scout has his own pot of "billy" or camp kettle. In that you can boil water or cook your vegetables or stew your meat.

To cook in your pot, you can either stand it on the ends of the logs of a star fire (where it may fall over unless care is taken), or, better, stand it on the ground among the hot embers of the fire. Or rig up a tripod of three green poles over the fire, tying them together at the top, and hanging the pot by a wire or chain from the poles.

Even better, make a fire of two lines of sods, bricks, thick logs, or stones. The lines should be flat at the top and about six feet long, four inches apart at one end and eight inches at the other-the big end toward the wind.

Then you should make your own pot hooks and hangers for holding your cooking pots over the fire.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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