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Scout Pace

The umpire stations three individuals or groups, each group differently clothed as far as possible, and carrying different articles (such as stick, bundle, paper, etc.), at distances from 300 to 1,200 yards from starting-point. If there are other people about, these groups might be told to kneel on one knee, or take up some such position to distinguish them from passers-by. The umpire makes out a circular course of three points for the competitors to run, say, about 1/4 mile, with a few jumps if possible.

The competitors start and run to No. 1 point. Here the umpire tells them the compass-direction of the group they have to report on. Each competitor on seeing this group writes a report showing:

  • How many in the group.
  • How clothed or how distinguishable.
  • Position as regards any landmark near them.
  • Estimation of distance from his own position.

He then runs to the next point and repeats the same on another group, and so on; and finally he runs with his report to the winning post.

Marks-Full marks, 5 for each correct and complete description of a group-that is, an aggregate of 15 marks for the course. One mark deducted for every ten seconds later than the first boy handing in his report at the winning post. Marks or half-marks deducted for mistakes or omissions in reports.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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