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Games in First Aid


Each Scout in turn acts as an explorer or missionary, with a few simple remedies. Three patients are brought to him in succession to be treated, each having a different disease or injury. He has to advise or show what treatment should be carried out.


Life-saving displays are very popular both with performers and with the audience.

Bicycle Accident

Boys returning from camp. A rash cyclist. Misfortune. Injuries attended to and patients carried away to hospital on improvised stretchers.

Gas Explosion

Mrs. Coddles and family take a walk. On her way home, Mrs. Coddles meets a friend. Maria is sent on to light the gas stove and prepare father's tea. Father gets back from work and finds the house full of gas. Ambulance squad comes to the rescue. Maria is dragged out and given artificial respiration. Constable Ado arrives on the scene. How not to look for a gas escape. Sad end of a gallant but thoughtless policeman.

Fire Display

Evening at No. 5 Suburban Villas. Fire alarm. Inmates aroused. Fence formed to keep back the crowd. Arrival of fire party with jumping-sheet, life-lines and ladders. Rescue of remaining occupants.

Factory Fire

The workmen are engaged in their daily occupation when an explosion occurs, causing a fire inside the building and an exterior wall to collapse, which injures a man who happens to be passing at the time. The uninjured workmen attend to their unfortunate comrade, while others rush off for help and return with the ambulance and fire apparatus. Some of the men are rescued from the burning building by jumping from the tower into the jumping-sheet.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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