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Relay Races

One Patrol pitted against another to see who can get a message sent a long distance in the shortest time by means of relays of runners (or cyclists).

The Patrol is ordered out to send in three successive notes or tokens (such as sprigs of certain plants), from a point, say two miles distant or more.

The leader in taking his Patrol out, drops Scouts at convenient distances, who will then act as runners from one post to the next and back.

If relays are posted in pairs, messages can be passed both ways.

Throwing the Assegai

Target, a thin sack, lightly stuffed with straw, or a sheet of cardboard, or canvas stretched on a frame.

Assegais (spears) to be made of wands, with weighted ends pointed, or with iron arrow-heads on them.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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