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Games In Plant Observation

What Is It?

Two Scouts start out and make a trail with trail marks. They have decided upon an uncommon sign to signify "What is it?", such as a circle with a line drawn through it, and a number next to it.

The remainder of the Patrol or Troop start out, say, ten minutes after the first two, either as a body or separately, and take notebooks and pencils with them.

The game consists of entering in their notebooks the "What is it?"s that have been noticed and write down the nature of the article closest to the sign, such as "Oak", "Dandelion", etc.

Marks should be given according to the number of signs observed and for the correct answers to the "What is it?"

Besides being very interesting, this game develops observation, strengthens the memory and is good botany instruction.

Plant Race

The Patrol Leader starts off with his Scouts, either cycling or on foot, to go in any direction they like, to get a specimen of any ordered plant. This may be a sprig of yew, a shoot of holly, a horseshoe mark from a horse chestnut tree, a briar rose, or something similar that will tax their knowledge of plants, test their memory as to where they noticed one of the kind required, and make them quick in getting there and back.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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