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When you go camping, you must first decide where you will have your camp, and then what kind of camp it shall be.

The nearer it is to your homes, the less will be the expense of travelling.

To my mind, the best place for a camp is close by a wood where you have permission to cut firewood and to build huts. So if you know of an owner in your neighborhood who may let you use a corner of his wood, there is your chance. Inside a wood the ground may be damp and the trees will continue dripping in wet weather. Be on the look-out for this. If you build good rain-proof huts, you need no tents.

The seaside also gives some good camp grounds if you find a place where boats are available and bathing possible. Sometimes you can get the use of a boathouse to live in. Don't forget that you will want good water and some firewood.

Or you can go to mountains, moor, or river, and get permission to pitch your camp.

In choosing the camp site, always think what it would be if the weather became very rainy and windy. Choose the driest and most sheltered spot, not too far away from your water supply. Remember that a good water supply is of first importance. And make sure that your drinking water is pure.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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