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The Patrol Leader

Each Patrol has a boy as leader. He is called the Patrol Leader. The Scoutmaster expects a great deal from the Patrol Leader and leaves him a free hand in carrying out the work in the Patrol. The Patrol Leader selects another boy to be second in command. This boy is called a Second. The Patrol Leader is responsible for the efficiency and smartness of his Patrol. The Scouts in his Patrol obey his Orders, not from fear of punishment, as is often the case in military discipline, but because they are a team playing together and backing up their leader for the honour and success of the Patrol.

The Patrol Leader

And the Patrol Leader, in training and leading his Patrol, is gaining practice and experience for being a fellow who can take responsibility.

Also, besides training his Patrol, the Patrol Leader has to lead it, that is, he must be at least as good as any of his Scouts at the different Jobs they have to do. He must never ask a fellow to do anything he would not do himself. And he must never be "down" on anyone but must get the enthusiasm and willing work of everyone by cheerily encouraging their efforts.

In every line of life young men are wanted who can be trusted to take responsibility and leadership. So the Patrol Leader who has made a success with his Patrol has every chance of making a success of his life when he goes out into the world.

Most of your work in the Patrol consists in playing Scouting games and practices by which you gain experience as Scouts.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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