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Patrol Practices in Chivalry

The Patrol Leader can do much to encourage the Good Turn by referring to it at opportune moments (don't overdo it!), and by occasionally asking the Scouts what Good Turns they have done lately. When out with his Patrol, he can suggest opportunities for individual and Patrol Good Turns. But remember: IT IS THE PATROL LEADER'S OWN EXAMPLE THAT COUNTS MOST.

Make each Scout tie a knot in his neckerchief every morning as a reminder to carry out his idea of doing a good turn every day, till it becomes a habit with him.

Talk over some of the many good turns a boy can do in his daily life: sprinkle sand on a frozen road where someone is liable to slip -remove orange or banana skins from the pavement, as they are apt to throw people down-help old people-help to keep the streets clean by removing scraps of paper. THEN DO SOME OF THEM!

Have a Scout bring in a boy who is a total stranger, as his guest for the evening to play games, hear camp yarns, and so on.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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