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Patrol Practices in Finding the Way

Use compass directions whenever possible, such as "N.W. corner of room", "E. side of camp site", etc.

Practise moving in the direction of a compass point. Take a direction, say N.E. Pick out some landmark-tree, mound, rock- in line with the direction given; this mark should not be too far away. Walk to that point, and repeat the operation by picking out another mark on which to move.

Then continue further practice using degrees instead of points.

Practise finding compass directions with watch and by the stars.

Send out Patrols with compass directions to take them by separate routes to meeting place.

When possible, point out constellations in night sky. Learn to recognize the Great Bear and the Pole Star and Orion.

Night movements can be practised in daylight by covering the eyes with a bandage made of several thicknesses of black crepe or similar material. The staff should be used.

Use local map for map reading and finding way by the map.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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