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Scouts go about Scouting as a Patrol or in pairs, or sometimes singly.

When patrolling, the Scouts of a Patrol seldom move close together. They spread out to see more country. Also, in this way, they will not all get caught if cut off or ambushed by the "enemy".

A Patrol of six Scouts best moves in the shape of a kite with the Patrol Leader in the centre. No. 2 Scout is in front, Nos. 5 and 4 to the right and left, No. 3 to the rear, and No. 6 with the leader (No. 1) in the centre.

If there are eight in the Patrol, the Patrol Leader takes the Tender- foot with him, No. 2 takes No. 6, and No. 3 takes No. 7. Patrols going over open country where they are likely to be seen by enemies or animals should get across it as quickly as possible, by moving at Scout's Pace, walking and running alternately for short spells of fifty paces from one point of cover to another. As soon as they are hidden in cover they can rest and look round before making the next move.

If you are the leading Scout and get out of sight ahead of your Patrol, you can bend branches of bushes or of reeds and grass every few yards, making the heads point forward to show your path. In this way the Patrol or anyone coming after you can easily follow and can judge from the freshness of the grass pretty well how long ago you passed. Besides, you can always find your way back again. Or you can make marks in the sand, or lay stones, or show which way you have gone by the signs which I have given you in Yarn No. 4.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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