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The Resolution

Passed by the Biennial International Scout Conference
held at Copenhagen in August 1924

The Boy Scouts International Conference declares that the Boy Scout Movement is a Movement of national, international, and universal character, the object of which is to endow each separate nation and the whole world with a youth which is physically, morally and spiritually strong.

It is National, in that it aims through national organizations, at endowing every nation with useful and healthy citizens.

It is International in that it recognizes no national barrier in the comradeship of the Scouts.

It is Universal in that it insists upon universal fraternity between all Scouts of every nation, class or creed. The Scout Movement has no tendency to weaken but, on the contrary, to strengthen individual religious belief. The Scout Law requires that a Scout shall truly and sincerely practise his religion, and the policy of the Movement forbids any kind of sectarian propaganda at mixed gatherings.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

Date of Creation


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