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The Knights' Code

The laws of the knights were these:

  • "Be Always Ready, with your armour on, except when you are taking your rest at night. Defend the poor and weak; help them that cannot defend themselves.
  • Do nothing to hurt or offend anyone else. Be prepared to fight in the defence of your country. At whatever you are working try to win honour and a name for honesty.
  • Never break your promise.
  • Maintain the honour of your country with your life. Rather die honest than live shamelessly. Chivalry requireth that youth should be trained to perform the most laborious and humble offices with cheerfulness and grace; and to do good unto others."

These are the first rules with which the old knights started, and from which the Scout Law of today comes.

A knight (or Scout) is at all times a gentleman. So many people seem to think that a gentleman must have lots of money. Money does not make a gentleman. A gentleman is anyone who carries out the rules of chivalry of the knights.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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