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Artificial Respiration

To restore anyone who is apparently drowned, or someone who is not breathing from having been overcome by smoke or fumes, you need to apply artificial respiration. It consists of forcing air into his lungs and out again. Several methods of doing this have been invented. Every Scout should know at least one good way; the St. John Ambulance Brigade or Red Cross can tell you the most effective methods.

As soon as the patient is breathing, you can leave off-but watch him, and if he fails you must start again till he can breathe for himself. It may be necessary to have relays of helpers.

Then let him lie in a natural position, and set to work to get him warm by putting hot flannels or hot water bottles between his thighs and under the arms and against the soles of his feet.

Wet clothing should be taken off, and hot blankets rolled round him. The patient should be disturbed as little as possible, and encouraged to sleep, while carefully watched for at least an hour afterwards.

Now just practise artificial respiration, so that you understand exactly how to do it, and so BE PREPARED to do it one day to some poor fellow in need of it.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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