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When a man is bleeding badly from a wound, press the wound or the flesh just above it-that is, between the wound and the heart- press it hard with your thumb to stop the blood running in the artery. Then make a pad with something like a flat rounded pebble and bind it over the wound. Keep the wounded part raised above the rest of the body if possible. Get a doctor as soon as possible.

On a small wound apply an antiseptic and cover with a clean (sterile) dressing. Hold this in place with a bandage.

Bleeding from the ears and insensibility after a fall indicate injury to the skull. The patient should not be moved at all, if possible. It is best to keep him lying on the spot, put cold water or ice to his head and keep him quiet till a doctor comes.

Spitting or throwing up blood means internal injury or bursting of a small blood-vessel inside the patient. If the blood is light red in colour and mixed with froth it means injury to the lungs. In either case keep the patient quiet and give ice to suck or cold water to sip. Send for a doctor.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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