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Boat Cruising

Instead of hiking or cycling, it is an excellent practice for a Patrol to take a boat and explore a river or make a trip through the country, camping out in the same way as in a tramping camp. But no one should be allowed in the boat who is not a good swimmer, able to swim at least fifty yards with clothes on {shirt, shorts, and socks as a minimum), because accidents may happen, and if all are swimmers it does not matter.

One of my most enjoyable Sea Scout experiences was a river cruise I made with two of my brothers. We took a canvas folding boat up the Thames as far as we could get her to float. We got right up in the Chiltern Hills where no boat had ever been seen before. We carried our cooking kit, tent and bedding with us and camped out at night.

Boat Cruising

Learn to row a boat properly, and to "scull" with one oar.

When we reached the source of the river we carried the boat over the watershed and launched her again on the stream which ran down to the westward and which in a few miles became the Avon.

Through Bath and through Bristol we journeyed, rowing, saving, poling, or towing, as circumstances required, until we reached the mighty waters of the Severn.

Across this we sailed with the centre board down, till we successfully reached Chepstow on the other side. Here we made our way up the rapids of the Wye through its beautiful scenery, to our home near Llandogo.

From London to Wales, almost all the way by water, with loads of adventure and lots of fun!

But it was no more than any of you could do if you liked to try.

So, come along, Scouts-make yourselves efficient, and if you enjoy your Sea Scouting as much as I enjoyed mine you will have a wonderful time.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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