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Sea Games

Smugglers (For night or day)

One party of smugglers from the sea endeavour to land and conceal their goods (a brick or stone per man) in a base called the "Smugglers' Cave", and get away in their boat again. Another party of revenue men is distributed to watch a long stretch of the coast with single Scouts.

As soon as one revenue man sees, the smugglers land he gives the alarm, and collects the rest to attack, but the attack cannot be successful unless there are at least as many revenue men on the spot as smugglers. The revenue men must remain bivouacked at their station until the alarm is given by the look-out men.

Whale Hunt

The whale is made of a big log of wood with a roughly-shaped head and tail. Two boats will usually carry out the whale hunt, each boat manned by one Patrol-the Patrol Leader acting as captain, the Second as bowman or harpooner, the remainder of the Patrol as oarsmen. Each boat belongs to a different harbour, the two harbours being about a mile apart. The umpire takes the whale and lets it loose about half-way between the two harbours, and on a given signal, the two boats race out to see who can get to the whale first.

Whale Hunt

The harpooner who first arrives within range of the whale drives his harpoon into it, and the boat promptly turns round and tows the whale to its harbour.

The second boat pursues, and when it overtakes the other, also harpoons the whale, turns around, and endeavours to tow the whale back to its harbour.

In this way the two boats have a tug-of-war, and eventually the better boat tows the whale, and possibly, the opposing boat into its harbour.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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