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Helping Others

If you should come upon an accident, remember this: You are not a doctor. As a first aider you should send for a doctor at once except for minor injuries. Your job is to keep the patient from getting worse until medical attention can arrive, by preventing shock, stopping bleeding, giving artificial respiration, or doing whatever else is necessary.

In an accident when you are alone with an injured person who is unconscious, lay him on his back with his head a little raised and on one side so that he does not choke, and so that any vomit can run out of his mouth. Loosen the clothing about his neck and chest. Cover him up to keep him warm. See where he is injured, and care for him according to what you are taught in first aid.

If you have found the man lying insensible, you should carefully examine the ground round him for any "signs", and take note of them and of his position in case it should afterwards appear that he had been attacked by others.

If you are out with a Patrol and an accident happens, or you find an injured man, the Patrol Leader should send one Scout for a doctor; he himself will attend to the patient with one Scout to help him. The Second will use the other Scouts in assisting by getting water or blankets, or making a stretcher or keeping the crowd back if one is forming by making a fence with their staves.

As a rule it is best to keep a patient quiet at first. Do not try to move him unless it is necessary, and don't bother him with questions until he recovers a bit.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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