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Games in Fire Rescue

Prepare a heavy smoke fire in a neighbouring room or building, while you are in the club room. Secretly arrange with two or three boys that if an alarm of fire is given they should run about frightened and try to start a panic.

Have the alarm given either by getting someone to rush in and tell you of the fire, or by having some noisy fireworks fired. Then let a Patrol or two Patrols tackle the fire under the direction of their Patrol Leaders. They should shut windows and doors, and send Scouts into different parts of the building to see if the fire is spreading, and to search for people in need of rescue.

These Scouts should have wet handkerchiefs over their mouths and noses. "Insensible" people (or sack dummies) should be hidden under tables, etc. Scouts rescue them by shouldering them or dragging them out and getting them down to the ground. Use jumping sheet, chute, etc.

Other parties make lines for passing fire buckets.

Another party revive the rescued. Another party form a "fence" to help the police and fire brigade by keeping the crowd back.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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