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Patrol Practices in Life Saving

Practise forming a "fence" with staffs, for keeping back a crowd. This can be made a game by dividing the Troop into "crowd" and "Scouts".

Instruct Scouts to know the position of fire plugs and hydrants, police points, fire alarms, fire stations, ambulances, hospitals, etc., in the neighbourhood.

Practise tying bowlines in rope and dragging an insensible person.

Do everything possible to get Scouts taught how to swim. In a town with a swimming bath this should offer no difficulty. In the country, the best chance for Scouts to learn swimming is by arranging summer camp near the sea or a lake or river where it is safe to swim.

Practise the various methods of rescue of a drowning person.


Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Chief Scout, London, UK)

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